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New on December 23, 2009:

Robert Gallo's Statement on House of Numbers

Maggiore's HIV Test Results Analysis Revised

A movie called House of Numbers has been making the rounds of minor film festivals this year.  Its tagline is “A world without HIV/AIDS may be closer than you think.” But it’s not a documentary about the astounding scientific advances made in the fight against HIV disease over the last 25 years, the sharp drop in AIDS diagnoses and deaths everywhere that ARVs became available, or the tantalizing vision of a cure or vaccine. Rather, it’s a slick piece of HIV denialist propaganda that is designed to undermine the public’s already shaky understanding of the virus and the disease. It is also a wake-up call that we need more comprehensive strategies for fighting HIV and AIDS.

This website offers documents summarizing and correcting the lies made in the film.  For example, a key claim in the film is that researchers found that T cell depletion doesn't lead to AIDS. But it hides the fact that the article it cites was about research with monkeys: the article says T call loss in humans DOES lead to AIDS.  Another example: In the film, Christine Maggiore describes receiving inconclusive HIV tests.  But the lab work shown on screen belies her words: it shows a 8 out of 8 bands reacting positive for HIV.  And there is much, much more to come. 

We also post the responses of scientists who were interviewed and who reject the ways their words were taken out of context and misrepresented, the pithy New York Times review, and other documents about House of Numbers. 

For more information about HIV denialism and for the real facts about HIV and AIDS, please go to
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